Male-centric companies unveil flower-style bouquets made entirely out of BEEF JERKY

Every year as Valentine's Day draws closer, millions of women search for the perfect token gift to buy their boyfriend or husband, but most inevitably find themselves stuck pondering the same question: What, exactly, is the male equivalent of a bouquet of flowers? Well, a couple of companies would tell you them men also love a good bouquet but sub those mums for some meat. According to Delish, at least two companies are now selling bouquets of beef jerky, with the dried meat shaped and sculpted to look like roses and daisies. 
Say It With Beef sells bouquets of beef jerky roses and daisies for $53 each.'A a poet once said, “We taste the fragrance of the rose.” We’ll do you one better you can smell and taste these roses!' reads the description on one. 'No gift is more classic than a dozen roses, but instead of sending flowers that wilt and die, why not send a Broquet?'Each one is handcrafted with over a half a pound of jerky, and they're still available to ship in time for Valentine's Day. They also come in a pint glass or beer mug instead of a vase, which can be used again when the jerky is gone. Another brand, the Manly Man Company, is also offering half-pound daisy and rose bouquets of jerky. 
Those come in a variety of flavours (original, teriyaki, hot, or mixed). They can be ordered with different vases, too: pint glass ($49-$54), beer mug ($52-$57), and a black steel pint glass ($59-$64). Most of the options are already sold out so interested shoppers will have to act fast. Meanwhile, Bacon Addicts has its own big meaty bouquet of you guessed it bacon. A dozen 'long stem' cooked bacon roses cost $89.99, two dozen are $149.99, and three dozen are $199.99.Similar products are available from Bacon Bouquets, while sites like Our Best Bites and offer how-to guides for making them at home.