Missing 13-year-old girl found alive.

A missing 13-year-old girl who disappeared after her parents were murdered has been found alive. James and Denise Closs were shot dead in their home in Wisconsin last October. Following the murders, police failed to locate their teenage daughter, Jayme. The girl's disappearance generated nationwide news coverage and multiple volunteers manned searches. The 13-year-old was located by police on Thursday evening after she apparently escaped from a rural home and knocked on the door of a nearby resident. It was that Jayme was skinny, dirty, and had "matted hair." Her clothes also did not fit her. The 13-year-old was taken to the hospital immediately. Her condition remains unclear. A man believed to be connected to the case is now in custody. Police have yet to provide any more details about the investigation. James and Denise Closs were shot dead in their home. Emergency services had received a call from the address from a mobile phone minutes before they arrived at the scene. They noted a disturbance in the background but did not speak to the caller directly. Upon arrival, they discovered that Jayme was missing. They did not find anybody else at the scene.