Students have made THOUSANDS by 'financially dominating' high-flying men who send them cash to pay the rent and buy designer shoes

To their friends at university, Charlie and Brooke are no different than any other 20-year-olds. Except, they have a bizarre way of boosting their student loans by working as 'findoms' financial dominatrixes. The pair, both studying for degrees at the same university in the north of England, is part of a growing community of financial dominatrixes receiving money from strangers who want to be controlled by 'superiors'.Mostly they will never meet their 'submissives'. There is rarely any personal contact, never a physical sexual relationship and little more than emails and social media messages are exchanged in return for the cash. Instead, the men who contact Charlie and Brooke simply deposit money into the two young women's account, either asking that they buy particular items or with no specific request at all. In their first year, they have made thousands enabling them to pay their rent, buy designer shoes and save for a house deposit. Charlie explained: 'Some men like to be humiliated or told that they're worthless, others just want you to be in charge of their money.'A lot of the men are in positions of power, CEOs of companies, so for them giving you their money is like a power exchange. It makes them feel inferior to give away what makes them powerful, and that's what they like. It's a complete contrast to their work lives.'Different people want you for different reasons but we are always in charge.'Charlie and Brooke have been working as findoms for over a year since coming across the phenomenon online. They now have around 15 men at any time they prefer to call them 'subs' rather than the alternative 'paypigs' who send them anything from £20 for breakfast to hundreds of pounds for designer shoes or to pay their rent.Each transaction is logged: amount in coming, preferred response outgoing. 
Charlie said: 'I stumbled upon findoms on Twitter and I was curious so I explored it and thought it was something I should get into because it offered the same satisfaction as being a conventional dominatrix but without having to physically meet as often as if you were doing it in person. You need less equipment too.'Charlie discussed the idea with partner Brooke and the two were equally excited to see if they could turn it into a lucrative business. She said: 'It isn't a sexual job for us, we don't get that kind of satisfaction from it, but the money and the control is the fetish.'We live together and we're both studying for degrees one in a creative subject and one in a more academic subject so we have a good rhythm for running a business together. 
'I helped create our brand, The Countesses, I do the artwork and coordinate photoshoots, and she looks after the accounts and the spreadsheets.'And we do run it as a serious business, it's a lot harder than people think it is everyone thinks you can just go on social media, put up a couple of photos and the money will start coming in, but it's not like that. 'You have to understand the psychology of being a dominatrix, have the right branding and know-how to keep track of how much money is coming in and for what.'Charlie and Brooke began by researching the findom community and the men who choose to be submissives, to discover the most common likes and dislikes and learn more about the kind of people who 'serve' women they've never met.'Once we were confident we knew enough, we set up our social media accounts and a payment account, took some photos and just began following people who followed other findoms. We started tweeting and hashtagging and hoped for the best.'Within 24 hours, they'd received their first cash deposit. 
Charlie said: 'Getting money immediately was exciting, it was £20 and we spent it straight away on pizza to celebrate!' The women use Circle Pay for cash and Delivery Code for gifts. She said: 'At the start, we were mostly getting chocolates and alcohol, so it was almost like the kind of gifts you'd give to date, although obviously, we don't see the subs like that and we never will. 'They do try to appeal to you, and they can be in love with you and want to be with you. But we only allow them to worship us and send us gifts and money.'We are superior, we are the people who run their lives, we aren't their girlfriends.'As their network and experience grew, so the amount of money and value of gifts increased. Men now offer to adopt their household bills, to set up direct debits covering their monthly phone bills or rent. Some even hand over control of their own monthly income for the women to give them an allowance and keep the rest. If the subs don't specify, Charlie and Brooke will save the money. Charlie said: 'We try and invest a lot of what we're given because we plan to buy a house, that's our aim. It's good to have nice things and expensive things, but we make sure we save for the future too.'The women keep their spreadsheets, not only to track the finances but to build up profiles of the men they are dealing with. She added: 'Although we are in charge, we make sure we don't go beyond their limits emotionally or financially. So we'll look at their file and think "we can't ask them to do that" or "they don't like that" and if we know they don't have much money one month we won't ask them to pay more. We respect their situation and their boundaries.' 
That respect is unwritten. The only exception is if they arrange a personal ATM meeting with one of the subs. Then, in addition to bringing along a bodyguard equivalent, they will ask for a security deposit and written consent for 'extras' if requested. Charlie said: 'We don't want to make ourselves vulnerable so we always take a friend with us, and we ask for a small payment in advance so we're not wasting our time making the trip to the cashpoint.'Once we meet, we ask them to put their pin number in the machine and then we choose an amount for them to withdraw.'Sometimes they will ask for little 'extras', maybe for us to spit on them or slap them, but in that case, we will ask them to sign an agreement a legal disclaimer. That way when it's over we can all walk away happily without the risk of any future issue with the police.'We will always try to go to cashpoints which are more secluded and it's all over quite quickly, usually, it only takes around 10 minutes, because we don't want to people passing by who didn't consent to witness it.'Charlie and Brooke say they have made thousands of pounds in their first year as fandoms and they see no reason why they can't continue for many more. She said: 'As long as we don't have any threats to our privacy if someone finds out our identity and shares it, I can't imagine we'll ever quit because we enjoy it so much. 'Keeping our identities secret is crucial though because we want to go into careers when we graduate so even though what we're doing isn't illegal we don't want anything to jeopardise our futures and potentially affect the rest of our lives.'Our close friends know we do this and they're fine with it and my mum knows and thinks it's hilarious.'I told her purely because I was getting my family better gifts than I would normally do, and I didn't want her to think I was doing sexual things or anything weird so I said, "this is how I'm getting money" and explained and she didn't have a problem with it at all.' 
With a backdrop of the #metoo movement, Charlie and Brooke are aware that what they do can attract criticism and admit they did consider the reaction when they first set up as findoms.'People don't always understand what we do, they'll think we're selling sex or nudes and they'll think it's seedy or shady. But it isn't like that. We're educated, we take pride in our work and we see it as empowerment. 'The women in the community are in control, there's nothing degrading about it.' It's a power exchange and we make a lot of money from it. We're definitely not victims it's a choice, it's our choice and their choice, and to us, it's just business.'