Schoolgirl, 15,writhes on the floor in agony after 15-strong teen gang 'kick and punch her in the head'

Shocking footage which appears to show a 15-year-old girl writhing around in agony on the ground after being set upon by a gang of up to 15 teenagers can be revealed. Crying Molly Spencer who was taken to hospital with swelling to her forehead can be seen surrounded by jeering children as she tries to fight off her alleged attackers and shouts, ‘it’s not fair!’.Her ‘heartbroken’ mum Faye Forbes Spencer said her daughter was devastated by the incident in Billingham, Co Durham, after previously being bullied at school about the colour of her skin. Mrs Forbes Spencer, a mother of four, SAID: 'This girl pulled her hair and Molly hit back. 'Then others were pulling at her until she fell backwards and then they booted her in the face before the same girl pinned her down again while others were again repeatedly kicking her.
‘My daughter is now terrified to leave the house. These kids need to realise how damaging their behaviour is.' Nearly 22,000 people have viewed Facebook footage of the teenager, wearing her long, dark hair in a ponytail on her head, allegedly initially involved in a one-on-one fistfight with another teenage girl in a field on Tuesday night. After trading blows, Molly is seen lying on the ground shouting ‘get off’, as the crowd apparently circles around her before one boy is seen kicking her while her original attacker sits on top of her. One spectator can be heard shouting ‘just leave them’ while a boy has seen booting her responds ‘she’s been f***ing kicking me!’After briefly trying to get up and being pulled down again, Molly is then filmed lying on her back, crying and holding her head in pain, saying: ‘What the actual f***? It’s not fair!’A spectator apparently mimics her in response, jeering ‘it’s not fair’.Mrs Forbes Spencer said: ‘Molly went to a friend’s house to watch a movie but instead her so-called friends were planning a fight between her and a girl – a known bully two years below her at her school who’d threatened Molly just a week earlier.‘Poor Molly ended up in the hospital with a sky-high heart rate.‘This same girl had already called Molly horrendous names, saying that she was a ‘rape baby’, whose father was a ‘rapist’, who had ‘no real family’ because she’s mixed-race and has white parents.
‘Then she'd targeted her a few days before the attack in a group message on Snapchat, laughing about when Molly had been beaten up a year earlier. 'She was also threatening to attack Molly’s younger sister Ellie, who’s really quiet and has only just turned 13 herself.'Molly was already in a right state since she was bullied in another gang incident which left her traumatised a year ago. And now this.' I'm furious and I’m scared for all of my girls. I see the attacker’s mum every day on the school run. So I just hope something gets done about it.’Mrs Forbes Spencer wrote about the alleged attack online and posted pictures of her daughter's injuries on Facebook. She said: ‘To the f***ing scum who have beaten Molly up tonight not one but 15 f***ing kids... I hope you’re all absolutely proud of yourselves.‘Molly’s in hospital. Police have been called... When you allow 15 of your scruffy-arsed mates to join in, stamp on her head, boot her in the stomach, continuously punch her in the face, it’s not f***ing on!'
Molly’s gran Ann McCabe also said: ‘I’ve seen the state of Molly and there were more than 15. They’re just a gang of feral kids. I hope their parents are proud of them.’The film was shared by someone who said she’d been ‘asked to put this video out to find out who’s done this’.A second mother from Billingham said: ‘Another 12-year-old girl had the same thing last summer. 'The same bully assaulted her and even her mum and her gran joined in targeting her and her family with abuse for months afterwards.‘This schoolgirl has only been back to school for one day since Christmas and it happened again. Now she’s off and having counselling for feeling suicidal and for self-harming. She’s not even a teenager yet. This has to stop, it’s disgusting.’A source said: ‘This gang of youths are already causing mayhem everywhere here, hanging around in large groups intimidating the public, pushing trollies out in front of cars, smashing windows and causing criminal damage. I know lots of people who have been affected by their anti-social behaviour.’
Nearly 200 outraged Facebook friends have branded the gang ‘pure evil’, absolutely disgusting ‘cowards’ and ‘thugs’, sharing Molly’s mum’s post and adding names of the suspected gang members who we have chosen not to identify - and their parents. A Cleveland Police spokeswoman said: ‘Police have received a report of an assault involving a 15-year-old girl and a large group of young people on a field near to College Gardens in Billingham yesterday evening, Tuesday 15th January.‘A 15-year-old girl was taken to the University Hospital of North Tees with head and facial injuries and has since been released from the hospital. Inquiries are ongoing.’