Student is 'creeped out' after a man she met on a train spent DAYS tracking down her friends on social media to get her number

A man has been compared to the stalker in Netflix's new hit thriller YOU after he texted a woman he met on a train once, after tracking down her phone number following a brief conversation.Lynda, 20, from Bromsgrove, Worcestershire had a five-minute conversation on a train with a man called Josh, during which they made small talk about the weather.The only personal information she volunteered was her name and age, but he later tracked her down by finding her on Instagram and contacting her friends until someone passed on her phone number.Lynda shared images of their text exchange on Twitter and was inundated with tweets comparing Josh to Joe Goldberg, the lead character in YOU who uses social media to manipulate student Guinevere Beck into falling in love him.
The student revealed she was 'creeped out' by the first unsolicited text, which read: 'Yo it's me, Josh, from the train the other day.' It was followed by a second message saying: 'Got ur number from one of ur friends hope u don't mind [sic]'.Confused, Lynda replied saying she found it 'kinda creepy' and asked how Josh found her friends, and who gave him her number. He sent back: 'I searched u on insta you follow some people I know so I asked about u [sic]. Speaking to Femail about the experience, she said: 'Our conversation on the train was really brief, it probably lasted about 5 minutes.'It was mainly small talk, like the weather and whatnot. He didn't really ask me anything about myself besides my name and how old I was so I didn't think too much of the conversation.'When I initially got the text I thought it was odd that he'd gotten my number, it didn't really register 'til later on that it was seriously creepy. 'In all honesty, I didn't want to talk to him at first, so I didn't reply until one of my girlfriends suggested I find out who had given him my number. I still haven't figured out who our mutual friends are, as I can't find any of his social media, so I'm not sure who it was. 'As expected, the person hasn't come forward either. 
After asking why he didn't just follow her on Instagram, he said he wanted to get to know her and repeatedly refused to reveal who shared her number with him. He added he would tell her who shared the number if she went on a date with him. When she refused, he replied: 'I can tell u never been treated properly it took me days to get ur number and ur moving like i'm one stalker....u b****es man [sic]. After sharing the images online, many compared Josh to Joe Goldberg, the lead in the Netflix series YOU. The series starring Gossip Girl's Penn Badgley is based on Caroline Kepnes bestselling novel of the same name.
It follows Joe, played by Penn, a stalker who uses social media to manipulate student Guinevere Beck (Elizabeth Lail) into falling in love him. John Stamos and Shay Mitchell also star in the crime-drama episodic. On the comparison, she said: 'I think its very weird how similar the situation is to the plot in 'YOU', I only just finished watching it last week, and I was amazed at how realistic it was, as you can be completely oblivious to someone tracking you down like that.'I never thought something like that would happened to me but I'm just hoping this is the last I'll hear of him! 
Taking to Twitter, one person said: 'This has that weirdo Joe Goldberg written all over it'.Another added: 'Has sis seen YOU on Netflix?', while a third wrote: 'Netflix You: Season 2'. She's now blocked his number.'I wasn't expecting it to get this much attention, I talk about my funny and weird experiences on my social media all the time so I thought this would be the same as the others' she continued.'It's been a little overwhelming as I've gotten hundreds of messages, mostly nice ones, but some not so nice'.