Unicorn armpit hair is now a thing! but not everyone likes the look.

As far as beauty trends go, we've seen some pretty weird ones in the last year -from manicures featuring live insects to McDonald's eyebrows. But now, to kick off 2019, a rather different has emerged and it's all to do with unicorns.
Known as unicorn armpit hair, the quirky trend has seen a number of people dye their armpit hair in a variety of bright, rainbow colours. It follows the huge obsession of 2018 for everything to be unicorn-related. The first pictured of unicorn armpit hair was posted by hair stylist Caitlin Ford when she teamed up with a client to do something special to celebrate Pride month.

Singer Miley Cyrus has also previously posted photos of her underarm hair, which she dyed a bold shade of pink. But since this month is all about Januhairy embracing and growing out your body hair it seems a number of other people are jumping on the bandwagon and adding a bit of colour to their body. Januhairy was founded by 21-year-old drama student Laura Jackson who is aiming to promote the "acceptance of body hair on women" through the movement, as well as raising plenty of money for charity. Her Facebook page reads: "Society seems to be behaving as if the natural hair we grow on our bodies is unattractive and distasteful."We are so used to removing our body hair that we are becoming unfamiliar with our authentic selves. "Despite the positivity surrounds Januhairy, not everyone is impressed by the unicorn armpit hair. One person on Twitter wrote: "Seriously. Unicorn armpit hair? Don't let this be a thing, you dumb b******. Just don't For the love of God don't."This will make it to the history textbooks someday. Do we really want that?"Another added: "I love unicorns but growing armpit hair and dying them unicorn colors is slightly OTT."A third simply said: "WTF?"