Woman berates Secret Service agents who turn up at her home after she posted online about President Trump.

A video of a Secret Service agent arriving at a woman's door hours after she made a fiery comment about Donald Trump on Facebook has emerged. The clip, filmed in San Antonio, Texas, US, shows an agent and a police officer standing on a woman's doorstep as they try to question her on January 10. Throughout the video, the shocked woman argues about her right to freedom of speech and repeatedly asks if she has committed a crime. She asks them: 'You're with the secret service you said?' 
The two men, who are plain-clothed, appear to hesitate before nodding in response. During the conversation, the woman's nephew who is filming behind her, asks what is going on. She replies: 'I made comments online so the secret service came to my door with an SAPD that works with them'. Rifling through the paper on his clipboard, the Secret Service agent tries to ask for her personal details. He says: 'I'm just going to ask you some questions what's your date of birth?'The woman tells the agent that it is 'none of his concern' and goes on to ask if she is being arrested. She says: 'Is this mandatory? Do I need to speak to you? Am I under arrest and I being charged with anything?'The agent and police officer appear to hesitate again before saying no. The agent says: 'I'm here to ask about the statements you made online'.The woman asks: 'What statement?'Opening his files, the secret agent begins reading the comment she posted on her Facebook account. He says: 'Can someone shoot the fool between the eyes...'Suddenly angered, the woman interrupts him and says: 'So what you're saying is that I don't have freedom of speech? I can't say what I want to? Is that the concern?'Did I commit a crime by expressing what I said?'The two men, who both appear to be hesitant to talk throughout the exchange, say that she has not committed a crime and that she can refuse to be interviewed. The woman then says that she refuses to be asked any more questions until she has hired an attorney to be with her. And after she takes down the agents phone number, the furious woman slams the door shut and the clip ends. The video was filmed by the woman's nephew. He said: 'My aunt posted a comment about Donald Trump and a few hours later the secret service came to our home with a local police officer. 'Before I began recording the agent was trying to intimidate and get in our home without a warrant. After an exchange of words they left.'