Dying Wife Gives a Box to Husband to Tell Him Why They Both ‘Never Argued’.

Married couples fight, but many marriages endure the test of time. What’s the secret? The answer may lie with this elderly couple who have a truly unique approach to managing fights within a marriage or lack thereof! The most successful marriages are built upon a foundation of trust and open, honest communication. Despite the beauty that blossoms from a loving marriage, the reality is that married couple's fight. What separates good unions from the bad are the partners’ abilities to pick their battles knowing when to give in or let go, even when they are angry. Some might argue that conflict is natural in a relationship, and the lack of conflict is unnatural. Nevertheless, examples of conflictless marriages enduring the test of time do exist. One story of a conflict-free marriage begins with an elderly woman being admitted to the hospital. Accompanied by her husband, doctors informed them that she did not have much time left to live. The pair were married for many decades and them always, to their memory, got along both were unable to recall even a single argument or instance was either raised their voice at the other in their many years of marriage.No one knew why these two got along so well no one except for one person. The wife knew the truth. Before her wedding day, all those years ago, her grandmother told her that if she wanted a happy marriage, then she should never argue. For the rest of her life, she never strayed from that important lesson true to her grandmother’s teaching, the couple lived out the rest of their years together in pure bliss. Despite always talking out their issues and sharing nearly everything with each other, there was one shoebox atop her closet that her husband was forbidden from opening. Worried how her husband might react if he found the box after she died, she decided to reveal the box’s secret to him. Per her instructions, the husband returned home, opened the box, and found two crocheted dolls along with a pile of money there was $95,000 inside! Perplexed, the husband returned to the hospital, where his wife explained how she would knit a doll every time she felt angry at her husband. Unable to believe the beauty of what he was hearing, the man was moved to tears. There were only two dolls inside the box, which meant she was mad at him just twice in all their years of marriage!“That explains the dolls, but what about the money?” he asked.“Oh,” she said with a witty grin. “That’s the money I made from selling the other dolls.”He was floored. How his wife was able to joke on her eventual deathbed is one of the reasons he fell in love with her all of those decades ago. Hopefully, the rest of us can be lucky enough to find our soulmates just like these two did.