Fire Service Rescue Naked Man From Massage Parlour Window Ledge.

Credit: Facebook/Daley Gane
Firefighters in Manchester ended up getting more than they bargained for on a Monday after they were called out to save a naked man from a window ledge after he was locked out of a massage parlour. Several pictures showing the unfortunate chap standing on a window clasping onto his privates for dear life have since been shared on Facebook. Unlucky, mate. The incident took place in a 'health club and massage parlour' in Northenden, Manchester. It is believed the man had been visiting the parlour when he got into a row with one of the workers there. Who knows what happened inside, but for whatever reason, the man ended up outside, standing on a ledge above a kebab shop called 'Simply Delicious'.As the man tried to get back in, the worker inside closed the window - leaving him stranded up there in full view of passers-by. Basically, that left the man naked, trapped on a window ledge at 3pm In the afternoon. Not where you'd want to be at the best of times. So, along came the coppers and fire crew to rescue him. They actually tipped up with a battering ram but eventually found out they could get into the massage parlour without it. Whilst the police went inside to have a look about (and find his clothes, which they brought down in a plastic bag) the firefighters set about getting the man down on a ladder. An eyewitness, Sam Walker, said: "I couldn't believe it when I saw him on the ledge."He seemed to be holding onto the kebab shop sign but was stuck."Police turned up with a battering ram but it wasn't needed. The firefighters were trying to get him to come down the ladder but he seemed a bit reluctant."He was shouting: 'No, no' and seemed really out of it but he came down in the end."Another witness, Mike Kerr, added: "It was crazy - the guy seemed to have climbed out."And then the girl seemed to have pushed him as he tried to get back in and closed the window on him so he couldn't get back in."She was obviously scared of him."Greater Manchester Police have confirmed that they are assessing the incident. A spokesperson from Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue said: "We were called to this incident at 3.09pm."A fire engine from Withington attended the incident and helped one male down from atop shop signage by using a 9m ladder."The casualty was left in the care of the police." And you thought your Monday was bad.