Woman Goes For Lipo But Wakes Up To Find She's Been Given A Nose Job.

​Woman Goes For Lipo But Wakes Up To Find She's Been Given A Nose Job
A woman who received a surprise nose job after seeking plastic surgery for liposuction has spoken out about her experience on E! Entertainment reality show Botched, telling cameras: "I was pissed."I would be, too, pal. The woman, who is called Mariela, said the Peruvian plastic surgeon had given her the nose job as a 'favour' when she was just 19 years old, a procedure that left her with severely damaged nasal passages. Opening up on the show, Mariela explained she'd been the victim of bullies growing up, which eventually prompted her to seek out a 'very famous' doctor for liposuction while visiting family abroad.
Mariela appeared on E! Entertainment makeover series Botched. Credit: E! Entertainment
She said: "Growing up was hard. I was always a little chubby. I was bullied in school for that."I met with the doctor the day after I arrived and it was a very famous doctor."When I talked to him and I explained what I wanted, he said it was really easy and he could do it the next day."Mariela only wanted 'a little liposuction' on her stomach, but when she woke up, she found the surgeon had decided to take things a little further."When I woke up, I had a cast over my nose," she said."Right after the surgery, I saw the doctor and he said he did it as a 'favour'. I was pissed."I'm all for keeping things amicable and conflict-free, but if you've got the right to be fuming about anything, let's face it, I think this might be it."I had absolutely no issues with my nose before the surgery," Mariela continued."It was the nose I was born with and I liked it."
Mariela didn't even have any issues with her nose before the surgery. Credit: E! Entertainment
What was even worse was that Mariela didn't even know just how much damage had been done to her nose, as the cast was still covering it up - and doctors kept trying to assure her that everything would be fine, telling her the nose was just 'swollen' and would eventually look 'great'.Once Mariela took the cast off she was able to see the full destruction of a nose she was once happy with."When the bandages came off, what I saw horrified me," she said. Mariela, who is now 41, said she never saw the doctor who operated on her ever again. She had also been left with lasting damage to her nasal passage and was appearing on the makeover show to get that fixed. Bonus plastic surgery isn't something you'd normally worry about, is it? Here's hoping none of us ever have to experience an unsolicited, unwarranted nose job.