Astonishing moment 250 Amish men lift and carry a barn 150 feet across a farm in one piece.

A video filmed in Ohio shows the incredible moment Amish men surrounded and picked up a pole barn in order to move it from one location to the other. The astonishing moment took place on the farm of Joseph Hochstetler in northern Knox County, early Saturday, March 9.
In the clip, approximately 250 men spread on all four sides of the barn to lift it. They then walk steadily to carry the structure all in one piece to over 150 feet away. A male voice behind the camera says: 'They said they were going to turn it around. Maybe I'm mistaken.' Then women dressed in block colored skirts and black hooded tops flock into the frame of the video as the men almost reach their destination on the land in Danville. They watch intently as the men maneuver the structure. A female voice behind the camera adds: 'They've got to straighten it up.' The men then turn it ninety degrees and the voice adds, 'oh look, they're twisting it' before they set it down at its new location across the field near a stack of logs.
Those filming the action then end the video laughing as neighing from horses is heard. This Amish community, who are reluctant to adopt modern technology, started the task early at around 9am on Snively Road. The entire process took just five minutes with a little help from a friend bright and early. Avoiding connections to the outside world by using candlelight and horse-drawn carriages instead of light bulbs and cars, means Amish communities that also have a large presence in Pennsylvania and Nebraska remain tight-knit to get the job done.