Gang of six men make monkey noises at black commuter on London Underground train and victim shows good example to others.

This is the shocking moment a passenger was racially abused on the London underground by six white commuters, with one pretending to be a monkey and jumping at him as he filmed them.
The horrific incident took place on the Northern Line, just before Kennington station on March 8, while stunned members of the public looked on. Mohammed Dirir, 27, was the victim and said that he was left shocked by what happened. One of the six men climbed on train seats while swinging from pole to pole as he pretended to be a monkey. Mr Dirir asked them to repeat the monkey gestures so he could capture it on video. Other commuters could be heard sympathising with him as he was repeatedly abused by the gang of six. Despite being challenged several times, the group were unapologetic and laughed and joked about the abuse. Mr Dirir, from the Netherlands originally, has lived in London for eight years and is the founder of his own start-up business. He told Mail Online: 'I was on the train, minding my own business. I saw a group of white men getting on and they saw me and started doing these monkey noises and these monkey movements.'I tried to ignore it as much as possible but one of the guys gave me a thumbs up and then I realised he wanted me to know I was being targeted.'So I asked him, ''are you, good mate?''. Then he said to his friend that I was dumb and I didn't get it. Fast forward, I tried to get some video footage and as you saw, they were really racist. I could've fought them but then again, everybody would say I was just responding to hate with hate and adding more fuel to the fire. 'Being the man I am, I was raised to show love rather than hate and I had to set an example. You saw what happened. 'We need to stop the hatred around the world man. All this racism that's going on, it's nonsense. We're all the same.'Ignorant people like that need to be guided and I pray to God that he guides them.' 
The man making the monkey noises leaps at his victim, his face filling the camera. Posting the video on Instagram, Mr Dirir said: 'Racism is still alive. To all my people of colour around the world, stay strong. Let's end this epidemic once and for all.'A friend of the victim wrote on Twitter: 'Six white racist individuals started to make monkey noises on the train to my friend because he is black, one of the individuals then starts to swing around and coming up close. 'They need to be identified and punished, being drunk is NOT an excuse