Hero dog proves he's a 'good boy' by saving entire family from massive fire.

It's no secret that dogs are man's best friend. And while our furry friends may do something every now and again to frustrate us, at the end of the day we can't help but love them. One man from the US just highlighted how special the bond between people and their pets really is, by sharing a heartwarming story on Twitter about his heroic dog, Hank. The man, who goes by the name Ulysses S. Cocksman, started his tale by posting an adorable photo of Hank as a puppy, which he says was taken six years ago. He continued to explain how his wife had been reminded earlier that day of time six years ago when Hank had eaten her brand new Vans trainers. They had laughed about how silly their dog could be sometimes - but little did they know he was about to do something incredible. A few hours after the reminder popped up on social media, the wife and children were all tucked up in bed, as the dad stayed up to finish watching a movie. Around midnight, he claims Hank began barking loudly. Worried the kids would be woken up by the noise, the man pulled himself from the sofa to investigate what his dog was up to - and when he saw, he couldn't believe his eyes. He wrote: "As soon as I came round the corner, I saw the entire yard was glowing orange. The very large wooden work shed full of gasoline, paint and God know what else was blazing. The oaks were on fire. Flaming leaves and embers were blowing everywhere."The dad quickly woke his family up and got everyone, including the two dogs, out of the house to safety. He continued: "The fence and the neighbour's shed went up like a torch. We were able to wake her up and get her kids and dog outside just as the fire crew got here."The fire spread to the back of our house the same minute the firefighters got the hoses to it. A minute or two more and it was gone. Instead, everyone is safe, and we still have a house. It's black and crispy on one side, but it's totally intact."He then shared another photo of his dog, adding: "This is him today, six years after eating some shoes, 15 hours after saving our house and family. He can have all the shoes and steak he wants, and I will never get mad at him for barking, ever again. 15/10, the very best boy."The tweets quickly went viral with thousands of people liking and sharing them. Many people also responded to comment on what a "good boy" Hank was and to offer him more shoes just in case he needed some to chew.
Ulysses S. Cocksman@USCocksman.
I want to tell you a story about Hank, and I want you to know that it has a happy ending. This is Hank 6 years ago.
Ulysses S. Cocksman@USCocksman
My wife got a reminder yesterday that 6 years ago Hank ate her brand new slip on Vans. Look at that guilty pup. Come on, Hank.
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