Man posing with deadly cobra killed after snake turns head and bites him.

A man who was seen posing with a deadly cobra died after the snake turned his head and bit him. The villager was seen writhing in pain after being attacked by the venomous snake. Footage shows him twitching as the venom attacks his body on the roadside in the county of Tunchang in China's southern Hainan Province. In the video, the villager surnamed Pan, 47 is seen standing by the roadside with the 3ft long snake in his left hand. He can be seen pinning the king cobra - Ophiophagus hannah - to the ground with his right foot while witnesses gather around to take videos. However, the snake appeared to have the last laugh as authorities say Pan was bitten by the animal just moments later. A second video shows the villager twitching while lying on his back on the ground. He later becomes motionless, with witnesses then reportedly killing the cobra by cutting it in half. Local police said an ambulance was dispatched from Tunchang People's Hospital to help Pan.
However, he died from the deadly snake venom during the emergency crew's 40-minute journey. The ambulance crew had brought the anti-venom with them, but didn't administer it as Pan was declared dead at the scene, the authorities added. The incident is still being investigated.