Mum catches child using elexa to do homework.

A six-year-old boy has been caught out trying to cheat on his homework - by asking Alexa for the answer. Mum Yerelyn Cueva shared a clip of her son Jariel asking the Amazon Echo device to do his sums for him on Twitter. Jariel, six, is heard asking: "Alexa, what's five minus three?"The machine then responds with the answer, before his mum bursts into the room. I'm in the living room, and I overheard him asking Alexa some math problems, and I could not believe it! What you don't see is after he says, ''Thank you, Alexa, for helping me with my homework.''She said her son was "being lazy" and "taking a shortcut".
Yerelyn added that maths is his favourite subject. And she said she will now have to turn off the device "so he doesn't just keep on cheating".