Woman Who Hadn’t Cut Her Hair in 8 Years Can’t Recognize Herself After an Epic Makeover.

Wendy, a part-time librarian from Bridgeport, Connecticut, has always been known for her exceptionally long hair, which she hadn’t cut for eight long years. Prior to that, Wendy had cut and donated her hair thrice. But as she approached her 50th birthday, she decided it was time for a change. In October 2018, Wendy’s signature long hair caught the attention of Rachael Ray, who offered to give her a full makeover. As celebrity hairstylist Ted Gibson was going to wield the scissors, Wendy was more than happy to oblige.“I’ve always loved my long hair, but now that I’m about to turn 50. I think it’s time for a change,” she said. One of the main reasons to cut her hair, which had reached up to her lower back, was that it had become difficult to take care of.“When my hair is this long, sometimes it gets stuck in things. It gets stuck in people’s glasses, in people’s jewelry. Sometimes I close a door on it,” she said laughing. Due to this, Wendy would have to braid her hair or wear it up in a bun as a solution. During humid days, caring for her hair had become an ordeal. In regard to her decision to cut off her hair, Wendy said, “All of that is really scary to think that it’s just going to change, but life is change.”As a part-time librarian, Wendy admitted she loved her job and wished it were full-time. So, recently she has been out interviewing for full-time work. “I think that a fresh new look would give me more confidence, and maybe it’ll be the same with going on dates,” she explained. With the change in her hairstyle, a change in her wardrobe would come calling too. Wendy revealed that she had a thing for “bohemian,” a style that complimented her look. I like flowy skirts and dresses and colors and patterns and florals,” she said. “The world should have more color in it.”But other than the above reasons for a change in her hairstyle, the most significant one for the makeover was to honor her mother. Her mom passed away when she was 50, the age that Wendy was about to turn, and that’s what made the whole thing so “emotional.”“[Being] 50 is much more meaningful for me than it would’ve been if [Mom] had been around,” Wendy admitted.“In her honor, I want to just really live my life to the fullest and be the best me I can be,” she further added. As the stylist began to work on her hair, Wendy felt a bit nervous as she was getting her hair chopped in front of a live audience. The crowd cheered in amazement, and Wendy felt a bit freaked out with her shorter hair, as she said, “Oh my gosh. Can I touch it?”After applying makeup, Wendy was again presented to the crowd in a new outfit, and they were simply stunned at the amazing transformation. She herself couldn’t believe her new look, as she exclaimed, “Oh, my God!”“I don’t recognize myself. I feel like such a different person,” she said joyfully. “I feel so free and light,” she gushed as she knew that she was walking into a new chapter of her life.