YouTuber mum 'beat and starved children if they forgot their lines for videos'.

A mum who runs a popular YouTube parenting channel allegedly forced her adopted children into ice baths, starved them and pepper-sprayed them.' Fantastic Adventures' founder Machelle Hobson has been accused of 30 charges of abuse, including kidnapping, physical assaults and child abuse. Among the shocking allegations levelled against the mum, from Arizona, are claims she brutally punished the young stars if they forgot their lines. According to police papers, the 48-year-old locked the adopted children in cupboards for days at a time, left them for long periods without food and water and even pepper-sprayed the young performers. For millions of viewers, the 'Fantastic Adventures' YouTube channel was a place to enjoy the perfect, albeit chaotic, the world of a suburban US home.
Yet behind the adorable videos of garden lightsaber fights and Mission Impossible-style cookie grabbing was a culture of abuse directed at five of the family's seven adopted children, according to police. Hobson - who also goes by her married named Hackney - has been accused by the Pinal County Attorney's Office of a string of abuse charges. Working on a tip-off from a woman on March 13, police officers raided the family home and found a child wearing only a nappy standing in a closet that was open but had a lock on it. All the children appeared pale and underweight according to officers, who were told by one young member of the family: "I either get beat with a hanger or belt, or a brush, or get pepper-sprayed from head to toe.”Others described physical abuse to their genitals, including burning, and forced ice baths that came if they forgot lines in the videos they were pressured into appearing in. Before the 'Fantastic Adventures' channel was shut down by YouTube it had more than a quarter of a billion views. Prosecutors didn’t have direct evidence that Hobson was abusing two of the adopted children, both of whom are aged three. According to police paperwork Hobson "denied the pepper spray, denied the ice baths and stated the only forms of punishment she uses is having the children stand in the corner, getting spankings and being grounded."Her two adult sons, Logan and Ryan Hackney said they discussed reporting the abuse but never did. They have since been put in Pinal County Jail on seven counts of failing to report abuse to a minor. Hobson was booked into the same prison for two counts of molestation of a child, seven counts of child abuse, five counts of unlawful imprisonment and five counts of child neglect on a $200,000 bond. She is scheduled to enter a plea on Friday.
In a statement released last week, the Arizona Department of Child Services confirmed that the children had been removed from the home. It read: "The Arizona Department of Child Safety (DCS) can confirm that we removed the children from the home of Machelle [Hobson] on March 14, 2019."While we cannot comment or release information on specific aspects of this case due to confidentiality laws, we can comment in general on how DCS licenses its foster placements."The Department requires all potential foster placements to undergo a thorough vetting process before acquiring a license."This process includes full background checks, a central registry check for prior DCS history, a fingerprint clearance card issued from the Arizona Department of Public Safety, home inspections, reference checks, and licensing classes through a provider agency."Licensed foster placements also receive quarterly home visits from their licensing agencies in addition to monthly DCS visits."The department said that despite all the safeguards, "people are sometimes able to avoid detection, especially if a person has no prior criminal or child abuse history."