Alaa Saleh: 22-year-old Girl Who Has Become the Symbol of the Sudanese Revolution .

The Sudanese who became the emblem of the uprising against the regime of Omar El Bashir said that women are likely to play a decisive role in the outcome of the protests in their country. Alaa Saleh, a 22-year-old architecture student, became one of the icons of the revolt when she was photographed standing on a car wearing a long white dress and addressing a crowd of protesters. When mounted on the car during a mass sit-in in Sudan, Alaa Saleh aimed to awaken a crowd already determined to force President Omar El-Bashir to leave power, she said. at CNN.“I wanted to get on this car and talk to people … talk against racism and tribalism in all its forms, which affects everyone in all areas of life. I wanted to speak on behalf of young people … I wanted to go out and say that Sudan is for everyone. A few days later, her message became the symbol of protest, and the leading role that Sudanese women played, thanks to a photo of Salah, wearing a white dress and gold earrings, now viral on social networks. 
“Whenever people answered ‘Thawra’ (Revolution), I became more excited. We need international support, so people know what’s going on and understand our requirements. At that time, Salah “represented all Sudanese women and girls and she inspired all the women and girls in the sit-in. She told the story of Sudanese women …. She was perfect, “said Lana Haroun, who took the picture.“Salah was surprised when the photos and videos became viral on social networks.” I was not expecting that at all. I’m glad the video has made people pay more attention to protests. “The clothing choice of the activist has come to represent the protest movement as such.“The white dress is a symbol of strength, purity and courage. Women have a big role in these events, “she said.
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