Boy’s Reaction on Becoming a Brother.

A video has surfaced online of the surprising moment a boy learns that he is to be a big brother in a very unique way. In the video we see the boy looking stunned as he is given a present by his parents before excitedly removing the wrapping, despite insisting that it is not his birthday with the wrapping finally removed, we see the child pull a black t-shirt from the box with writing not visible to the viewer. The boy soon reveals what it says as he reads loudly and in a confused tone the words, “Only child. Big brother.”As he looks around puzzled, we hear a man’s voice, presumably, his father’s, coming from off-screen ask him, “What do you think that means?”The boy reads the t-shirt again and finally turns it towards the camera where we see that ‘Only Child’ is crossed out but ‘Big Brother’ is not. Realization finally dawns on the child and he covers his face with the shirt before removing it and answering his father’s question, “You’re having a baby I guess?”The clearly stunned boy grins from ear to ear as he asks his parents how long they had known and is told that it has not been long. But the surprises are not yet over as his mother’s voice teases him from off-screen as she attempts to get him to ask another question. Eventually, the boy understands what she is referring to and asks, “Am I getting a brother or sister?” With the question finally asked, the boy is passed another present which is again eagerly opened to reveal not one but two baby outfits. Finally realizing his parents are having twins and he is going to have a pair of brothers/sisters, the boy breaks down in tears and is embraced by his father.