Bride Halts Wedding Mid-Ceremony for a Hearty Talk with Her Soon-to-Be Stepson.

A bride in the throes of marrying her soldier partner, paused her wedding mid-ceremony to deliver a speech to her soon to be stepson that had the congregation, and those viewing the subsequent video online, in floods of tears.
The emotional young child can be seen crying in the video as the woman, dressed in a beautiful white wedding dress, delivers the heartfelt monologue to the unsuspecting boy. As the speech progresses the emotions become a little too much for the poor child and he sobs as he clutches his father, the congregation watching on in wonder with the odd tear in their eye, as the bride praises him for being special, handsome and for helping her become the woman she is today.
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She finishes the speech with the following heartfelt words, “I may not have given you the gift of life but life gave me the gift of you,” which promptly receives a round of applause from all those assembled. After the speech, the loving couple exchanged vows, the congregation still watching on in wonder and the child clinging to the bride as if his life depended on it until, with the aid of his father, he is moved to the side so the ceremony can be concluded. The most emotional shot of the whole video happens as he returns on-screen to watch intently as the couple exchanges ring, his face fixed firmly on his father and new stepmother’s hands as one by one golden band are placed on their respective fingers. With the rings exchanged the newly married couple walk back down the aisle, more applause ringing in their ears, and love filling their hearts as they head off to a new life together as a family.