Hayfever and asthma sufferers urged to stay inside as pollen levels rise.

pollen levels
If you suffer from hay fever, then you probably have a love/ hate relationship with summer. That pollen count, lads. Sure, the warmth is great, but wanting to tear your own eyes out is never fun. Similarly, people with asthma are also affected by pollen. Well, folks, pollen season has begun, and people that suffer from hay fever and asthma are being urged to stay inside.
Seriously.Met Eireann has forecasted high pollen levels for the whole country on Thursday, with temperatures set to rise. The CEO of Asthma Society of Ireland told the Irish Mirror: "With pollen levels rising earlier than  last year, people with hay fever really need to start their hay fever management now, especially those with hay fever and asthma.""80 per cent of people with asthma have hay fever. We have lots of information online on managing your hay fever to prevent hay fever symptoms causing an asthma attack, which for some people can be fatal."One person dies every five days as a result of their asthma."She continued: "As a hay fever sufferer, I can testify that it is a very debilitating condition that leaves you feeling really miserable and unwell.""The constant runny nose, itchy eyes and sneezing are extremely distracting, and the accompanying headache and fatigue have always really marked out the summer months for me. For me, it felt like the flu all summer long."