Hospital Gives Cars To Young Patients To Drive To Surgery.

Hospitals are difficult places for adults to go to at the best of times, so for children, they must be incredibly strange and scary. Well, in a bid to help them relax, a hospital in the United States provides their young patients with little cars to drive around before going into theatre. Doctors Medical Center in Modesto, California, introduced a black Mercedes car to the ward and have now added a pink Volkswagen Beetle to the garage. It's thought that by allowing children to use them prior to heading to the operating room, it will help them relieve stress and stay calm. The tiny one-seaters even come with a fully working stereo and pre-loaded MP3 player. What a genius idea and by the looks of it the kids seem to love it, too. Staff at the centre have released an adorable video showing a little girl speeding around the ward with a big smile on her face, moments before undergoing a medical procedure. They posted a video on their Facebook page with the caption: "We love having these little cars available for our pediatric surgical patients at Doctors Medical Center. The cars truly help ease stress and anxiety for our smallest patients."Since the incredible footage was posted people have commented saying what a great initiative it is. One person wrote: "It's wonderful to see a smile instead of worry/fear."A second even offered to pay for a third, adding: "This is wonderful and so important. Thank you for taking the extra step for your brave pediatric patients. Are you in need of an additional car? If so, I would like to donate one. Let me know who I can contact to arrange this!"Earlier this year the centre announced its newest addition - which was donated by a staff member - on social media, writing: "Check it out! Doctors Medical Center has made another addition to our pediatric surgical program. Last year, we introduced our little black Mercedes. Now we have a pink Volkswagen Beetle!"These sweet rides take our smallest patients to the operating room. The goal is to reduce anxiety and stress and make the experience less scary for everyone involved. Doesn't hurt to have options, right? The new pink car was generously donated by one of our employees and her family."Backing the move, one person said: "Reducing anxiety and stress for all patients is a great thing!! Way to Go, DMC!" Another commented: "Such a great idea for the little ones."A third person wrote: "This is the best thing to see them driving down the hallway."Absolutely adorable.