Huge fire breaks out at Coachella music festival as people urged to flee.

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A huge blaze broke out at popular California music festival Coachella following the first night of performances. Footage has started to emerge online showing flame ripping through some of the campgrounds where hundreds of people are set to sta for the weekend. The fire broke out in the shower block in the campsite. This happened on the first night of the festival as Childish Gambino closed out night one with his performance. The festival is held over two weekends in California. One of the campers wearing only a towel and explosions were heard as the fire spread some people on Twitter have said. Security guards were shouting at people to flee the area and to stay away as the blaze continued to burn. One person said on Twitter: "showers at Coachella campground caught on fire...“everybody out of the showers now!” - someone in their towel running out."Someone else said: "literally just witnessed a huge fire in the campgrounds #coachella"It has not been revealed what was the cause of this fire.