Son Grabs Mom’s Hand as Their Favorite Song Comes on.

There’s nothing more inspiring or heartwarming than the bonds between family members, but as we grow older that relationship can be strained and stretched. Whilst most people who are having trouble with falling asleep will try to relax with nice hot cocoa or immersed in a good book, or perhaps counting sheep until they eventually doze off, this old mother from Paincourtville, Los Angeles, had a different approach. Instead of fighting with her body in the quest to drift off, she instead embraced her alertness and headed down to the kitchen, where she promptly asked her son for a jive. The resulting dance between mother and son is fun and carefree and will leave you feeling excited about life and the day ahead of you. The pair look so happy in each other’s company that you won’t be able to help to wonder whether we, as a modern and developed Western society, should, in fact, be promoting these extra-precious family bonds more.