Young Couple Build Rube Goldberg Machine Throughout the House to Reveal Their Baby’s Gender.

It’s the ultimate gender reveal, and it is now going viral across Facebook.
Taylor and Heidi Calmus looked forward to welcoming their second child and were eager, like most parents, to learn whether they were having a girl or boy. Taylor, an inventor, had the perfect idea for an elaborate, one-of-a-kind gender reveal, crafting a Rube Goldberg machine throughout their home. It begins with their first child, Theo, grabbing at a sippy cup from his crib, and ends with a cannon blasting coloured confetti to reveal the baby’s gender. With Heidi out of town, Taylor worked for three days to set up the reveal while caring for baby Theo at the same time. He had to test the machine over and over again to ensure it was flawless when it came time for the magical moment. A friend of the Calmus’ played an integral part of the reveal, loading the coloured confetti and standing by to capture the moment on video when whole Calmus family finds out whether they will be welcoming a boy or girl into their lives. It’s a special moment caught on view, and viewers cannot help but leave impressed by the sophistication in the reveal and the ingenuity behind the idea. You just have to see it.