Stunning entries to the 2019 National Geographic Travel Photo Contest.

Florent Serfati took this dramatic shot of the April 15 Notre-Dame blaze. Recounting the moment, he said: 'The flaming arrow had just fallen onto the structure below, creating an explosion'
Instead of taking a bus tour of Rainbow Mountain in Peru, Brian Larrosa said he camped out the night before to be the first up at sunrise. Detailing his mini expedition, he said: 'That morning was full of fog, and when I arrived, I could barely see the seven-color mountain. I waited an hour for the fog to clear, but it didn't. On my way down, I passed this lovely alpaca couple wearing the Aymara culture colors - which made the wait worth it'
This incredible image of a dramatic supercell thunderstorm unleashing its rage in Kansas comes courtesy of Rob Darby. He said it was the most 'photogenic' storm he'd ever seen
Rachel Stewart took this stunning shot of her best friend surrounded by a school of blue maomao fish. The duo were out diving around a marine reserve off the east coast of New Zealand in April this year when the scene presented itself. Rachel said: 'With numerous caves, tunnels and an abundance of marine life, the Poor Knights Islands marine reserve is a haven for many underwater species. A reminder that more protection of our ocean is needed'
Alessandra Meniconzi took this striking portrait of a nomad while travelling in Mongolia. The photographer explains: 'Nomads are constantly on the move. Some have a small house, but never spend more than few months [in it]. To settle is to deprive a nomad of their roots, their culture, and their freedom'
Darryl Macdonald took this shot of a fur seal pup yawning while visiting South Georgia. The image was taken at sunrise, while Darryl was out photographing chunks of ice. He said the area is one of the few places he has visited in his life that is 'still truly wild'. The photographer added: 'The density of the animal populations is staggering and while working on a research project there, I did my best to keep an appropriate distance from the animals'
Describing this shot, taken in Kenya, photographer Michelle Theall said: 'On safari in the Mara, these Maasai men were going to perform a morning dance for us, but before they did, I saw this man taking a selfie with his smartphone. It seems technology invades every space of our world'