The World's Best Airport Is Revealed And It's Got An Indoor Rainforest.

There are two types of people in this world those who check-in at the airport and head straight for the bar, and the monsters who faff around the terminal, window shopping for everything they definitely do not need before moping around at a pace that would see a snail sigh with exasperation, all in a bid to get the full 'airport experience'.Well, luckily for those truly awful people, a list of the best airports in the world has been compiled, telling you exactly where you can roam to your heart's content while the rest of us while away the hours by propping up the bar. Topping the list for 2019 and funnily enough, every year between 2013-2018 is Singapore's Changi Airport, which has just undergone a huge revamp costing S$1.7million (roughly £951m). The makeover means that the airport now has its own indoor forest, a rainbow waterfall and even a maze, just to make sure there are enough distractions to miss your flight effectively. Some of the attractions won't be open until mid-2019 and they will include 'discovery slides', a 'canopy park' and 'foggy bowls' to let your little ones play 'amongst the clouds' - not really ideal given the journey you're about to embark upon. All of this will be part of the airport's 'Jewel' experience, which will also feature over 280 shops and restaurants - you really will want your flight to be delayed. According to the Mirror, there will even be a 130-room hotel called YOTEL AIR Singapore Changi Airport, where you can rest up during your travels - we're pretty sure this will be as snazzy as the airport. They're probably not going to add a budget hostel in the middle of a multi-million-pound project now, are they? 
It's pretty easy to understand why this airport currently stands at the top of the listless clear as to why it's been up there for the last six years, but hey-ho. The other airports on the list included Tokyo Haneda which came in second, followed by Seoul Incheon in South Korea and Doha Hamad in Doha, Qatar. Hong Kong was placed fifth, with Munich seventh and good old London Heathrow coming in eighth place in the list. Amsterdam Schiphol was ranked 14th while Barcelona came in at number 43. There was no placing for Manchester but apparently, Halifax's airport was dubbed the 90th best airport in the world. There was also an award for the World's Cleanest Airports Tokyo Haneda topped the list with Centrair Nagoya in Japan coming in second. Singapore Changi is third and Seoul Incheon came in fourth.