Disfigured girl who suffered hateful abuse about her appearance dies aged 10.

A 10-year-old girl whose severe disfigurement made her a constant target of hateful abuse has passed away.
Sophia Weaver, who was born with face, foot and hand disfigurement, died on Thursday after "getting sick really quickly" earlier in the week. Her mum Natalie, from North Carolina, and vocal disability rights, said on Twitter: "Our SweetSophia left this earth last night as she spent every day of her life, surrounded by love & adoration."Once we pull ourselves from this shattering pain we will continue to help others in her memory."
Besides her deformities, Sophia also suffered from Type 1 diabetes and Rett syndrome, a rare neurological disorder. The little girl, who would only be able to communicate through her eyes and with small sounds, required 24/7 care. She rose to prominence when Natalie, who has another two kids, decided to be more outspoken about it due to a policy change by US health provider Medicare. But it was not long before such openness about Sophia's condition started attracting trolls.
Of all the horrid posts, however, there was one that stung particularly as it disgustingly used a picture of Sophia to advocate for the abortion of disabled people. The comment, made on Twitter, said: "It is okay to think that every child matters however a lot of them do not."Hence the amnio test...should be a mandatory test and if it proves negative and the woman does not want to abort then all bills accrued after that is on her and the father."Despite the flagrant abuse, Twitter initially refused to take down the explosive remark. Natalie persisted and eventually, Twitter issued an apology to Weaver. The person who posted the horrible tweet was suspended. People by the likes of former US President Barack Obama have in the past tweeted to praise Natalie's efforts to improve access to health insurance for US citizens. Natalie urged people to donate to sophias-voice.com to help other children with chronic illness and disabilities.
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