Man Carries Big Bag of Moose Poop to the Airport, Says It’s for Politicians.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) at an Alaska airport was up for a surprise when they found a man carrying a big plastic bag of moose poop, a TSA spokesperson shared on Twitter on April 23.
“Yes, you can bring moose poop to a checkpoint!” Lisa Farbstein, TSA Public Affairs spokesperson wrote in a message on Twitter.“TSA has no policy preventing people from travelling with animal poop, but check with your airline on its policies because having to leave souvenir poop behind would be crappy,” she wrote. The man with the moose poop showed up at the Juneau International Airport on April 15. The luggage scanners caught “a large organic mass” in his carry-on bag. Farbstein told KTOOthat the airport authorities were alarmed because it could have meant explosives.“The TSA officers opened the bag, they saw the moose poop inside,” said Farbstein.“And the passenger told the TSA officers that he collects this and likes to present it, ‘For politicians and their bleep policies.’”“TSA actually will screen just about anything people bring to the checkpoint,” Farbstein told KTOO. “But it is smart and if it’s more on the unusual side to check with an airline to see if they have any limits or restrictions as it relates to what it is you want to bring.”The authorities let the man board his flight with his bag of animal poop. Farbstein said the whole episode didn’t warrant an incident report but it was shared with TSA’s social media team and the posts gained attention. The one on Instagram has over 14,800 likes. In another odd airport incident, a drug smuggler attempted to avoid airport security by not washing his feet for a month. The man, supposedly acting as a drug mule, was arrested for smuggling a form of methamphetamine in his shoes in an airport in Jiangsu Province, China, Chinese media Litchi News reported on April 3. The man, given the false surname Yang, attempted to avoid airport security. To avoid being caught with the drugs, he didn’t wash his feet for one month. The police who made the arrest said that they could smell the odour of Yang’s feet from about 10 feet away. Yang was arrested on February 20. The police found that Yang had stashed 10 bags of a drug called Yaba, a tablet that is a mixture of methamphetamine and caffeine and is common in Southeast Asia. The word Yaba is from the Thai language, which translates as “mad drug.”The report said that Yang had accrued several thousand dollars in debt while gambling in a neighbouring country. A drug trafficker offered Yang payment in exchange for transporting the drugs. The man to whom Yang was delivering the drugs was arrested on April 1. No further information was given about that man, nor his arrest.
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