Octopus Sucks Onto Vlogger's Face And Won't Let Go.

An octopus has given us all a lesson in the dangers of live-streaming after it stuck itself to a vlogger's face who was reportedly attempting to eat it alive. In the clip, the woman can be seen shrieking as she desperately tries to pull the animal's tentacles from her skin. 
The blogger is known as 'seaside girl Little Seven' shares videos of herself on the Chinese short-video sharing platform Kuaishou. She regularly posts clips of herself tucking into seafood, but this time the seafood in question didn't seem to be so keen on being eaten. As the video starts, the woman can be seen happy enough with the octopus on her face, but things then take a bit of a turn when she finds she can't remove it. She starts to pull on the little bugger, but it is unrelenting and appears to be very firmly attached."Look how hard it's sucking," she can be heard saying. Well, it's fighting for its life, mate.
As she continues to tug at it, she tells the camera it's 'painful' and adds: "I can't remove it."It's roundabout this time that the panic seems to set in, and she really starts to rag the octopus, seriously distorting her face in the process as the tiny suckers cling on. She finally manages to get it off and, seemingly keen for revenge or perhaps just off the back of the appetite she's worked up, she tells the camera: "I'll eat it in the next video."Spotting the small wound its suckers have left on her cheek, she says: "My face is disfigured."But not everyone is sympathetic to the vlogger one viewer commented to say: "She deserves it. 
She tried to eat the octopus and the octopus tried to eat her too."While another added: "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth." A tentacle for a bit of cheek? Seems fair. An octopus will usually use its tentacles to help catch its own dinner or to fight off predators. The suckers on the underside of the tentacles can stick and hold on very well, as this woman found out first hand. Her run-in with the octopus has resulted in viral fame for the woman which is the goal for vloggers, isn't it? So she needn't feel too put out about it all. As for the poor octopus... well, it's probably best not to dwell on that.