Outrage as Dior ‘steals’ African styles for its 2020 fashion collection.

Dior, one of the world’s biggest and most luxurious fashion labels has since the release of its latest fashion collection for 2020 been trending for all the wrong reasons.
The fashion trendsetter unveiled its #DiorCruise2020 in Morocco on April 29 which featured African Wax Print and African inspired attires on the runway welcoming the world to the newest trends in fashion. Although the collection’s debut was successful, the black community is not thrilled calling it a complete culture appropriation, plagiarism and lack of originality.

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Replying to @Dior Kitenge = Dior. Synonymous, our moms been rocking this staff for centuries even before Columbus sailed. 4 
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Get to discover more about one of the key through lines of the #DiorCruise 2020 collection: Wax print fabrics, the prestige cloth used for the collection and 

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Y'all never get enough from stealing from Africa. 
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Congratulations on being some of the last people in the world to "discover" wax-print. Would you like to learn the history of it, spread all across Asia and Africa? Or is ignorance on-trend this summer?
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While some seem to be angry about the use of African wax print, a greater number of people are expressing anger at the fact that fashion trends always have to be made by Western fashion houses before they are globally recognized. A quick look at the styles outdoor by Dior and one would remember how far back black women have been rocking these styles all over the world to date. Created by Italian fashion designer and Creative Director at Dior, Maria Grazia Chiuri, from headscarves to dresses, the # DiorCruise2020 was inspired by the memory of the House and Christian Dior’s first successor, Yves Saint Laurent, a native of Oran, Algeria who was fascinated by Morocco. According to an article released by Dior, “the collection is a world map connecting images and ambiences that, on this side of the Mediterranean, have shaped our visual culture. Its original inspiration – and veritable emblem is Wax print fabric. The anthropologist Anne Grosfilley explores its complex origins and evolution. It is also a celebration of the luxury and value of the African wax print.”With the backlash that the fashion house has received, it took to Twitter to share videos that would possibly help people understand the inspiration for the collection but that too has received greater backlash and sparked anger.
·Get to discover more about one of the key through lines of the #DiorCruise 2020 collection: Wax print fabrics, the prestige cloth used for the collection and learn more http://on.dior.com/cruise2020 !

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There is no originality here!! stolen from Africa!!
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We’ve been wearing Dior for centuries and just didn’t know it
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