People Spot Funny Detail On Mum's Photo With Baby Boy.

A mum has shared a candid snap with her two-week-old baby boy, has been enjoying some post-shower skin-to-skin contact.
The only thing is, some people have become a bit distracted by the amusing placement of her son's foot. Abby Gilmore, a WAG-turned-parenting Instagrammer, wrote: "It's amazing what one little boy can do. You've made me relax. You've made me feel content. You've made me enjoy this time again and most importantly, you've made my heart feel so complete little man."Luckiest Mummy to have my 3 beautiful kids who share the strongest connection already. #2weekspostpartum."
However, some people haven't been focusing on the beautiful moment Gilmore was sharing with her son, Mason, and was instead convinced that she was having a bit of a wardrobe malfunction."Haha, I thought that was a nipple," one person commented. Another said: "Wow if your nips are that high after 3 you are blessed."Gilmore - who lives in Altona North, Victoria, Australia - was then forced to add a disclaimer, saying: "P.s. that's his foot, not a nipple."The post has now racked up more than 12,000 likes and countless comments - most of which revolve around the amusing optical illusion, though some people have thrown Gilmore a bit of support. One person commented: "How could anyone think that was a nipple? And even if it was, who cares?"A second added: "IT DOESN'T EVEN LOOK LIKE A NIPPLE, even remotely... at all."Some people decided to ignore the nipple chat altogether and instead decided to congratulate Gilmore on the birth of her first son. One said: "I'm so very happy to see you enjoy this time with your newest baby I understand this has not always been the best of times for you and thank you for sharing this joy that now has with us in the Instagram world."Mason is the baby for Gilmore and her boyfriend Leighroy Wellington. Gilmore also has two older children, Arlo and Milla, with ex-partner, Aussie footballer Jake Stringer. Gilmore has become known for sharing candid, honest posts about pregnancy and motherhood have become an influential figure on the 'mummy blogger' scene. Another urged her to 'ignore the trolls', writing: "How beautiful is this photo!"