World’s smallest surviving baby released from hospital in San Diego.

The world’s smallest baby ever to survive has been released from the hospital in San Diego as a healthy and happy infant, a little under five months after being born.
San Diego's Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for Women & Newborns, California's largest maternity hospital, has confirmed that Saybie went home earlier this month as a happy and healthy five-pound infant, having weighed just 245 grams (8.6 ounces) when she was born. According to the official Tiniest Baby Registry, maintained by the University of Iowa in the US, Maybe is the world’s smallest baby ever to survive. Born at only 23 weeks and three days gestation, Saybie has been cared for at Sharp Mary Birch Hospital, recognised as among the best in the world in caring for micro preemies (the term is given to babies born weighing less than one pound, 12 ounces (800 grams) or before 26 weeks gestation). You can learn more about Saybie’s story in the video below.