Rainbow teeth is the latest beauty trend taking over Instagram.

Do you ever see something on the Internet, and think to yourself "dear GOD why is this happening?"Well, prepare to endure that feeling.
The latest beauty trend sweeping the Internet is rainbow teeth... and it's unusual. If you feel like ditching your lovely white teeth, then keep reading.CHR┼îM has created a polish that works just like nail polish, but for your teeth. The polish will stay on your answers for up to 24 hours. Thankfully, the colour doesn't smudge while eating and has no taste just a pop of colour. To get the colour off, all you have to do is brush your teeth with toothpaste... simples. The polish currently comes in 10 different colours: light pink, a slightly darker pink, baby blue, a slightly darker blue, mint green, yellow, light gold, dark gold, silver, and copper. Now listen, this is not a look we'd rock every day... by any means. However, it could be a cool element of a costume (next Halloween, heya). The product creator recently spoke to the New York Post, about the trend: "We see this becoming commonplace everything from a club vibe to an everyday workplace fashion accent.""Perhaps you go to work with one tooth [that] matches your nail polish or your hair colour."