Britain's Best Competitive Eaters.

A new documentary takes a look at three of Britain's top competitive eaters and, honestly, if you thought you had a big appetite, these guys are here to show you how wrong you are.
Adam Moran, Leah Shutkever and Kyle Gibson are three of the best in the UK and now they're hoping to take their massive appetites Stateside, where competitive eating is growing fast. Channel 4 documentary Battle of the Super Eaters: 3,000 Calories a Minute shows the impressive stomachs which are picking up records, including several Guinness World Records. Adam, who runs YouTube channel Beard Meats Food, is the UK's top competitive eater. He packed in his job as a stockbroker and is now a full-time super eater - and has the won the coveted title of Yorkshire Pudding Eating Champion. Impressed? Me too. Taking part in a US challenge, Adam managed to chomp down 101 ham croquettes in eight minutes."No one can match my determination to be at the top," Adam says. Fellow competitor 29-year-old Leah, from Birmingham, says she's always had a big appetite."I could always eat double my brother," she says. "I don't have that thing in me that tells me when I'm full."Leah, who hits the gym six times a week, has the world record for eating a Terry's Chocolate Orange - in just 65 seconds. She can also smash her way through a dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts in under a minute. After finishing off a burrito in just 44 seconds - a new record - Leah reveals how she takes on the challenges, explaining: "Over 80 per cent of competitive eating is psychological."My brain turns to mush when I'm doing a challenge. I don't smell, or taste, or hear."Meanwhile, 20-year-old Kyle Gibson from Sunderland is hoping to carve out a name for himself. Kyle says he came to competitive eating after being picked on for his weight."I was so overweight when I was 14," he says. "That I had a bad leg injury when my knees basically gave in and that's when my weight loss mentality kicked in."He's already worked his way through 11 Belgian chocolate waffles in less than nine-minute and takes on Leah in a hotdog challenge - and when I say challenge, I do mean challenge. The pair have to work their way through a metre-long, nine-sausage-hotdog, 2kg of sauce, a pile of cheese, onions and jalapeƱos. Kyle eats the entire thing in nine minutes, but he's no match for Leah who scoffs hers in just six short minutes.