M&Ms Launch Its First Ever Chocolate Bars.

Hey M&Ms fans, brace yourselves. The famous chocolate pieces are about to be made into a new bar for the first time. You heard. Instead of being in a bag in individual bits, the once isolated M&Ms will now be encased together in a whole load of milk chocolate.
That's got to be great, right? If you live in the United States or Australia, this won't be news to you. The bars have been in shops across those two places for about a year now, but now British choco-maniacs will finally get their chance to lay their hands on these bad boys. The new bars will be available in four different types. You can settle for a normal chocolate one, or you could push the boat out with a peanut variety. There's also a crispy bar which will be - well - crispy, as well as a brand new hazelnut flavour. That's actually two varieties less than they can get in other countries. Unfortunately for British customers, we won't be getting crispy mint or almond M&Ms bars just yet. There's time, though. Let's wait and see. If you want to see what all of the fuss is about, you'll have to set sail for your nearest Tesco store. 

The supermarket chain has managed to get their hands on the exclusive rights - for a while at least. The bars will drop onto shelves in Tesco shops as of 17 July and will only be available there for a month. After that, they'll be rolled out to every store across the whole United Kingdom and will have a recommended retail price of £2.49. That's not too bad, considering how good they look. The marketing team have been working overtime to try to set their new chocolate bar apart from everything else on the shelves. Here's what they came up with - they're going to stand the bars upright. Yep, they'll be stacked out facing upwards. Exactly why we need to know this - or why they need to do it - isn't immediately clear, but aren't you glad you've learned this particular tidbit? Apart from that, they'll carry the classic design as the M&Ms we've all come to know and love. Why change a winning formula, eh? Well, unless you're going to add in more chocolate into the equation. Exceptions can be made if you're planning to do that. Let's hope that the bars can live up to the hype.