Snaps of items that look like food send social media wild

A sleeping ginger cat resting inside a silver plant tin largely resembles a loaf of bread in this amusing photograph.
Another amusing photograph depicts a yellow snake looking suspiciously like a selection of bananas. 
This picture shows a dog lying upside down, appearing to look like a deliciously cooked chicken. 
The way these rubber bands were packaged made it appear as if it were thick pieces of tagliatelle instead. 
One internet user saw this rock and thought it was a delicious slice of cheesecake. 
This red mop head gave the appearance of mince when held together by its packaging.
One internet user thought this pine cone looked so much like a stack of pancakes, they decided to decorate it with some fallen leaves to act like butter
This snow-coloured cat found a very awkward place to sleep - and was almost used as flour by its owner.
These various dirty brushes soon turned a glass of water into delicious-looking orange juice. 
One individual explained how they avoided a serious crisis after noticing their cleaner had placed his shampoo in the fridge, thinking it was mayo.