World's Largest Inflatable Unicorn Is Coming To Australia In Summer.

The past few summers, our social media feeds have been infiltrated by millions of pictures of people sunning themselves on inflatable pool toys. It's not hard to see why: they're very Instagrammable.
But the mother of all inflatable pool toys is coming to Sydney next year that will put all of those social media posts to shame - by a country mile. The aptly named 'Unicornzilla' will be rocking up to Sydney harbour from January to March. It can hold up to 50 people at one goddamn time, meaning you might have to share the limelight with a few other people. It will be attached to a larger inflatable obstacle course that covers a whopping 4,200 square metres. In addition to this madness, there will be poolside events, local live DJs, slip-and-slides, and yacht parties. The website says: "'Unicornzilla', the world's largest inflatable unicorn, is making its way to Sydney Harbour for an event unlike any other. Inspired by Croatia's yacht week, yachts will take guests into the harbour for an epic boat party with Unicornzilla leading the pack."Each event features the sun, sea, yachts, a wild crowd and local DJs spinning live tracks. Partiers will bounce, dance and swim the day away in the iconic Sydney Harbour for an experience they'll never forget."Now, if you can't manage to get tickets for this event, but still want to act like a baller on the harbour and party with everyone else then there is away. Amazon is selling this inflatable speedboat that fits six people and is just the ticket to luxury for those of us who have normal jobs. The Inflatable Bay Breeze Boat Party Island (mouthful init) is apparently 'perfect' to be used both on dry land and in water, and is 'designed for maximum comfort and hours of relaxation'. Sold. So all you need to do now is think of five mates, round them up and get them a bevvy on your own personal speedboat. The inflatable includes an inflated rear swim platform with five handles to make it easy to get in and out of, eight cup holders (who has just one drink at a time?) and that all-important built-in cooler to chill your beverage of choice. There's also a bench seat for you and your pals to chill and watch the waves roll in from the sea, or you know, stare at your garden wall.