These Animals Don’t Need Help Surviving In The Wild

There are millions of species of creature that roam this earth; ranging from small to large, timid to lethal.
While we may enjoy seeing these through nature shows or films, how much do we really know about the dangers of wildlife? .Here are some of the most fatal creatures across the earth. Some you’ll recognize and others you’ll meet for the very first time. You just might be surprised at how some of them made the list. Watch out the truth can be stranger than fiction.
The Polar bear is the largest land carnivore with no natural enemy in their polar regions. You might think they’re cute as toys in your bedroom, but that’s about as safe as they get. In real terms, they will consume anything they can sink their teeth into. In fact, they’re even known to be cannibalistic at times and eat other cubs just for a quick snack. Their kill count for man is fairly low, probably because we rarely venture to the icy tundra but we shouldn’t take the chance! There are plenty of things to fear in the icy winters of the Arctic or Antarctica, and these bears are just one of them.

One of the largest species of constricting snakes is the green anaconda, found across the Amazon. It uses its size and wrapping ability to either crush its prey or simply eat it whole. They can unlock their jaws and swallow entire animals in one bite you don’t want to be their next meal! They do not usually consider throwing down with humans, thankfully. Similar to sharks, we are not their meal of choice and most of the time they eat us by accident. Still, do not mess with these enormous constrictors you just might find yourself in
a bind.

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