Papa John's creates the world's first pizza for bees.

Papa John's has launched 'Beezza' the world's first pizza made for bees. The popular pizza chain is doing its part in saving the bees.
The Beezza is less than one inch in diameter and made with actual Papa John’s pizza dough. It also has a passata base and is topped with wildflowers, including Forget-me-nots, rose geraniums and a sprinkling of local pollen, rosemary and thyme. Thom Whitchurch from The Tiny Cookery School created this mini-masterpiece and hopes to inspire others to create bee-friendly areas in gardens, parks and green spaces.“We did a lot of research into which ingredients should go on the pizza,” Whitchurch says. He adds, “And along with the knowledge and expertise from the team at the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, we seem to have got the recipe spot on – the bees were loving it!”