these are the 3 most dangerous African countries to live in right now.

South Africa
With recent cases of attacks by local South Africans on other Africans and their businesses in what is described as Xenophobia, it comes as no great shock that South Africa is listed as the most dangerous country in Africa security-wise.
Also, earlier this month, a dismal crime report from South Africa was released, which showed that murders, robberies at residential properties, bank robberies and sexual offences increased over the last 12 months.
The most populous country in Africa, Nigeria, is listed as the second most dangerous country in Africa, placing only a number before South Africa in the InterNations survey. Also known for kidnappings and most recently, terrorist groups insurgencies, it is no surprise that Nigeria is listed as a dangerous place on the continent
A Danish ex-pat, according to Forbes, complained that walking around Kenyan streets is a ‘No’ for them and that they have to drive or be driven everywhere.