Irish Man Pre-Records Message To Play At His Funeral, Leaves Mourners In Tears Of Laughter

For most people, funerals are no joking matter, a time of gloom and serious reflection, a time of grief.But there are those who believe that funerals should be a time of celebration, of laughter through tears, the perfect time to remember and commemorate the lives of the ones we’ve lost. And at times, those who have such beliefs are, in fact, the people who have passed. One video has recently gone viral and it features footage from a funeral of an Irish man. As family and friends gather around the casket, lowered into the open grave, suddenly a voice comes out of nowhere and proclaims, “Hello?” followed by a loud banging, seemingly coming out of the casket. A DEARLY departed Irishman had the last laugh at his funeral with a gag that had mourners in tears of laughter. In an inspired gag from beyond the grave, he organised it so that a recorded message was played after his coffin was lowered to the ground.o all intents and purposes, it appeared as if he was shouting for help from within his casket. In some countries, this kind of morbid humour might not have gone down so well. Thankfully, however, this was Ireland. A clip of the prank was posted to Reddit under the title: "Irish man leaves funny recording for his funeral!".It certainly lived up to the billing." Hello?" the man can be heard asking before a knocking sound is heard."Let me out," he continues, much to the amusement of those in attendance.
"Where the f*** am I.
"Let me out it's f***ing dark in here.
"Is that priest I can hear."
Mourners in attendance can be seen falling bout in fits of laughter before the cameraman pans to the casket where the sound is coming from. It was a gag that has won plenty of praise online."What a beautiful idea to keep people happy," one Reddit user said."Laughter does help a lot when dealing with grief," another concurred. Now that’s what you call a proper send-off.