Monica Carvalho Passionate About Creating Surreal Images That Make You Look Twice (28 New Pics)

The Eye-Cing On The Cake
Monica Carvalho, a Swiss-born photographer & digital artist based in Berlin has always been fascinated by art that is challenging for the eyes, so over the years I have developed a passion for creating surreal images that ‘make you look twice’!.
Her artistic process is to challenge herself to look at the familiar from a new perspective. She combines photos from her travels and everyday life in Photoshop to produce photomontages. Her aim is to inspire us and make us look at the world differently!. Her artistic motto is simple: to make the ordinary extraordinary! I believe that if you shift your way of looking at ordinary things, they can acquire a new potential: clothes, people, food, architecture, nature, animals anything has the power to inspire...said Monica.
Architectural Symphony 
Free Your Imagination 
Lip Glass 
Rocky Road Ice Cream 
Long Time No Sea 
Saucy Lips  
D-Eye-Ving Into Summer
The Sound Of The Sea-R 
Eye-Ce Cream 
Mother Nature Is Watching You 
Eye RollingStreet Dog 
Sharp Vision 
Shut Your Moth! 
A Dessert To D-Eye For 
The Sk-Eye Is The Limit 
Poker (F)ace 
Fight Or Flight 
Photographic Memory 
Sweet Tooth 
T(R)ail Path