​UK Barber Shop Gives Customers Free Haircut If They Beat Staff At FIFA.

A barbershop in Nottingham lets its customers put their fighting talk to the test, giving people the opportunity to win a free haircut with its 'double-or-nothing' challenge.
Over at CSF Barbering, all you need is a victory on FIFA 20 to have your barnet chopped for free. If you lose, however, you'll have to cough up DOUBLE the amount. Shop owner Connor Storer-Fry spoke to SPORTbible about the unique challenge, having explained he introduced it last year as 'a bit of fun between mates'.But things have since escalated, and the 22-year-old said he's had to dish out a handful of free cuts in the past 16 months."Being biased, I'd like to say I'd back myself against most at FIFA but my Ultimate Team record definitely wouldn't back that up," he said"I couldn't tell you how many free haircuts I've given out exactly, although I'd say my record against customers is definitely in my favour. At a rough guess, I'd say it's between 20-25 wins to me and I've lost around 10-15 games."The offer is always there to play but it only tends to pick up when the student loans drop."Connor continued: "A standard haircut for gents is £9, students £8. But that doesn't include the most popular haircut which is a skin fade - that will cost you £12.50."Most people I've played have a skin fade and beard shape up which costs £15 so I'm either giving out a service worth £15 or bagging myself a nice juicy £30!"Connor said he first brought FIFA into the shop as something for customers to play while waiting, and a game that the barbers could play whenever the shop wasn't too busy. But then Connor dreamed up the double-or-nothing rule, which gave people 'more incentive to play'.He said: "I'm the only barber who tends to play people for a haircut as I'm the only one who takes FIFA seriously. "The other two barbers don't tend to follow football."The offer is there for the other barbers, of course, but they don't really back themselves against anyone who's decent."One of the barbers has stated he'll play anyone on Rocket League with the same bet, but as Rocket League isn't as popular, it hasn't really taken off."