Parenting Prank Goes Wrong in Viral Christmas Gift Video.

Jimmy Kimmel seems like a nice enough dude, but it’s hard to forgive him for making parents especially influencers and wannabe influencers to see pulling pranks on their kids as a harmless, funny thing to do.
It’s not that's what comedian Justice Mojica, known online as LGNDFRVR, tried to do when he gift-wrapped a banana and gave it to his two-year-old daughter for Christmas. Thankfully for us, she countered his cynical move with adorable innocent getting wildly excited and adorable in the way only a kid can. As the video starts, Aria Mojica is pumped to be unwrapping a present with her mom and dad. Judging by the tweet below, it seems that her dad’s plan was to capture her disappointment when she finds out that it’s just a normal banana and not a toy. But it seems that he underestimated her passion for presents and produce. 
I Tried Giving My Daughter The Worst Xmas Gift Ever & I Didn’t Expect This Reaction
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As Aria tears into the wrapping paper and glimpses the peel, she squeals a barely intelligible “Banana!” and looks enraptured by the new world in which she has a banana of her very own.
“Yeah, I happy!” she says when her mom asks.