Adorable girl breaks down in tears after teacher finds puppy in her backpack.

An adorable young girl broke down in tears as she begged her teacher to let her keep a stray puppy she found hiding in her backpack. The toddler had tried to sneak the pup home after she discovered it near her kindergarten. She pleads with her teacher to let her keep the small dog, which appears to be asleep in her bag. Terrified the puppy might be taken away from her, the toddler pleads: "It won't hurt people."
The cute video, taken in the Sichuan province of China, was posted online by newspaper group People's Daily China. In a touching twist, the toddler and her twin sister were allowed to keep the pup as a pet. Luckily for the toddler, the stray did was definitely a dog - a farmer in China was flabbergasted after a puppy he adopted turned out to be a BEAR.