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Netflix's New Christmas Movie Klaus Is A Future Holiday Classic.

A new Christmas film has been going down a treat with Netflix viewers. Klaus, the latest effort from Despicable Me creator Sergio Pablos, is the streaming service's first foray into original animated feature films, and early reports from viewers have been overwhelmingly positive.

Arsenal football club fans furious after Nigerian star is compared to a gorilla.

Fans of North London football club, Arsenal, were disgusted by a comment shared on Instagram by the club’s ambassador and Bollywood star Esha Gupta, which compared Nigerian football star Alex Iwobi to a gorilla.

Kyrie Irving calls his dad down from the stands to give him his jersey post-game.

After the Celtics' 113-99 win over the Knicks at Madison Square Garden, Irving shared a hug with his dad, Drederick, and gave him his jersey.

Anthony Martial commits to Man Utd until at least 2024

On deadline day, arguably Manchester United's biggest move is the one that doesn't involve a player joining.

Footballer Attacked With 'Razor Blade'

Shocking Footage Shows Footballer Attacked With 'Razor Blade'

Derby matches in football are notoriously feisty affairs, with tempers often reaching boiling point.


Image result for Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding
In the lead-up to the 1994 Lillehammer Olympics, the figure skating world was closely watching Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding.

Hilarious Moments of the Wife Carrying Championship

When it comes to sports, we can all do with a little more exercise. More exercise and time outdoors, especially in team sports, can help to bring people together and make people happier and healthier in the process.

Mohamed Salah’s daughter warms hearts at Anfield after scoring sublime goal.

Liverpool’s forward, Mohamed Salah’s daughter, Makka, on Sunday, May 12, scored a sublime goal in front of fans at the Anfield stadium moments after Liverpool’s end of the season match against Wolves.

Monday, November 18


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Dad burst into tears after 'finding white tablets in toddler's KFC'.

A horrified dad claims he burst into tears after saying he discovered a mystery white tablet in his two-year-old daughter's KFC meal.

World's most expensive burger.

The world's most expensive burger has gone on sale in a Tokyo restaurant with a £700 price tag

Inside real-life Willy Wonka factory .

Bosses of a real-life Willy Wonka factory that makes 450 MILLION Mini Rolls a year have given a sneak peek inside where the magic happens.

Tennessee teacher converts bus into classroom to bring education to low-income areas.

While a teacher at Hardy Elementary School in low-income Chattanooga, Tennessee, Brittany Harris was worried about the low test scores of students in the Hamilton County School District.

Iqbal Masih died for children,for slaves whose voices are unheared.

Iqbal Masih
In the mid-1990s, a bright young youth made a global impact on child slavery.

100-Year-Old ‘Queen of Crocheting’ Sells Her Craft to Donate Thousands to Local Preschool.

(Facebook Video Screenshot | FOX 17)
An industrious 100-year-old woman named Erma Palmiter is raising money with a talent she’s been honing for 88 years.

Teacher Surprises Bullied Kindergartner by Cutting Her Long Hair to Look Just Like Her.

(Photo courtesy of Shannon Grimm)
Words cut deeper than any sword, especially when mocking goes too far. To show solidarity toward a student who was being teased for sporting short hair, a school teacher went the extra mile by cutting her own hair short.

Strangers Step Up to Offer Own Kidneys After Man’s Desperate Plea for His Sick Wife Goes Viral.

(Video Screenshot | CBS New York)
In hopes of saving his wife, who was suffering from kidney disease, this dedicated Brooklyn man turned himself into a human billboard.

Mexican Girl Who Became World’s Youngest Psychologist at 13 Enters Harvard at 17.

(Illustration - Shutterstock)

Meet Dafne Almazan, a Mexican girl who knew how to read and write at the mere age of 6 and completed high school at 10.

Dad Passes Out in Front Yard, Quick-Thinking 4th-Grade Son Performs CPR to Save His Life.

(Facebook | Hope Hersey)
Many people know how important CPR is, but it may be the case that only after a life has been saved through this method does the importance of CPR really sink in.

Customer Gives Waiter a Massive Tip and the Amount Leaves Him in Tears.

Jonny, a waiter at Don Pablo restaurant in Dallas, Texas, was left in happy tears when a patron he was attending to called him over for a quick chat.

New Jersey Father Hilariously Poses as a Mannequin to Surprise His Special-Needs Son.

(Illustration - Shutterstock)
A family indeed is not just an important thing; it is everything. They are the ones you share both joy and sorrow with, and thus you wouldn’t mind going the extra mile to see them happy.

‘World’s Heaviest Kid’ Loses Nearly 200Lbs in Crazy Transformation.

By the age of 10, Arya Permana was so obese he was unable to move from his bed and could barely stand without the aid of his parents.

Man, 70, who had three heart attacks was brought back to life

Life-or-death situation: Alan, 70, is rushed to the Royal Stoke University Hospital having collapsed in the street – he suffered three heart attacks in quick succession. Staff perform chest compressions to save him
From the moment 70-year-old Alan arrives at the hospital, there is a frantic race against time to save his life.

Sisters who may not live to teens given 'death sentence' after NHS rejects drug

Mum Gail Rich today slams health officials for imposing a “death sentence” on her daughters by refusing to fund vital drugs.

Struggling High School Dad Graduates With Honors After Being Inspired by Newborn.

An Ohio high school senior revealed having a baby helped motivate him to finish his studies and achieve top grades on May 28.

How Much Sleep Do Teenagers Really Need?

Teenagers' developing brains and bodies need more sleep to avoid long list of health risks, including risky behavior. (Wikimedia Commons)
Parents worry about whether their teenagers are getting enough sleep. Research studies suggest that teenagers are suffering an epidemic of sleep deprivation globally one that will have long-term health impacts.

Walking Your Way to Emotional Balance

A walk can help reset your body and mind, making you happier, more productive, and healthier. (Pxhere)
In 2007, author Nita Sweeney suffered one devastating loss after another. That year, seven of her close friends and family members died

Luke Perry’s Death Highlights Rising Stroke Risk for Younger Adults.

Luke Perry was an icon of the 90s, someone most people considered too young to fall to stroke. (Getty Images)
When the television show “Beverly Hills 90210” first hit the airwaves on October 11, 1991, it was Luke Perry’s 24th birthday. That’s when the nation was introduced to his character Dylan McKay, a high school rebel with a soft side and awe-inspiring sideburns.

Little Girl With Rare Condition Causing 'Silver' Eyes Has Them Removed.

Five-year-old Primrose Austin was living in horrendous pain after a build-up of pressure behind her eyes left her with a detached retina, forcing medics to remove the optic tissue from both of her eyes.

Vegan Scraps Plant-Based Diet For Bone Marrow And Brains To 'Save Life'

Vegan Scraps Plant-Based Diet For Bone Marrow And Brains To 'Save Life'
Alma-Jade Chanter has followed a strict and committed ethical vegan diet since she was just 13 years old when she watched shocking videos made by animal rights campaigners.

Sunday, November 17

Eating your bogies is not only disgusting - it can also be really dangerous.

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Eating your bogies is something we can all agree is 'frowned upon'.

Woman With Heart-Shaped Womb Defies All Odds and Gives Birth to Triplets.

A British woman has defied all odds after giving birth to triplets, despite suffering from a rare condition a heart-shaped womb which could have made it difficult for her to have even one child.

'Glitterage' is a new hair trend that combines balayage with GLITTER

'Glitterage' is a new hair trend that combines balayage with GLITTER
Some hair trends are for life, and some are just a fun way to go mad for a few days. The latest mad hair trend on the scene is glitterage...Yep, you guessed it. Glitter balayage!

You must have this brand new product if you have blond hair.

However, up through the years, I have both played around with high lights, low-lights and balayage and currently, have a bit of an ombre situation going on. The problem?

Meet the baby Boston , whose amazing hair stops strangers in their tracks.

Little baby Boston may only be four-months-old, but he's already got a barnet some grown men can only dream of. So impressive is his hair, that mum-of-two Tara Simich, from Perth, Australia, reveals it "stops people in their tracks".

Fashion Brand Is Selling 'Denim Panties' For £235 That Flash Your Bum Cheeks.

The denim 'panties'. Credit: Ssense
At the risk of sounding like someone's grandmother, fashion can be really bloody strange sometimes whether that's odd eyebrow trends, super low-rise undies or dirty-looking sneaks that are selling for over £600. Truly baffling. And it seems people are saying the same about these denim short... pant... knicker things, which are being sold by streetwear retailer Ssense and cost a cool £235.

People Are Giving Themselves Nostril Extensions, For Some Reason.

Image result for People Are Giving Themselves Nostril Extensions, For Some Reason

For years, men (and women) have been trimming, waxing and otherwise removing the longer hairs poking out their nostrils but what would you say if I was to say the whole thing was unnecessary?

TikTok app BANNED in India .

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TikTok has been pulled from app stores in India after a state court prohibited downloads of the video-sharing app.

Man Writes Viral Facebook Post After Ex-Wife and Mom of His 3 Kids Gets Married.

(Illustration - Shutterstock)
Sometimes there are hard feelings between couples after they get a divorce, but as time goes by, those sentiments might subside

Harry Potter's scar isn't actually in the shape of a lightning bolt.

It's one of the most recognisable things about Harry Potter. But it turns out that the Boy Who Lived's lightning bolt-shaped scar may actually be shaped like something else entirely

Saturday, November 16

Bright Orange Hunter’s Moon Will Rise In Sky.

A Hunter’s Moon is the name given to lunar sensation of a full moon appearing in October.

Animal Rights Groups Outraged By Dog Owners Dyeing Pets To Look Like Pandas

Image result for Animal Rights Groups Outraged By Dog Owners Dyeing Pets To Look Like Pandas
A pet cafe in China has sparked fury from animal rights groups after offering to dye dogs to make them look like pandas. Unsatisfied with the cuteness of their pups, Chinese dog owners are rushing to ‘pandarise’ their pets, turning them into mascots for the country’s national animal. Customers of the black and white procedure have been flocking to Cute Pet Games Cafe in the district of Jinjiang in the city of Chengdu in the southern province of Sichuan, proceeding to share snaps and videos of their pups online. According to reports, cafe customers can be expected to pay 1,500 RMB (£164) in order to dye their dogs’ fur black and white like a panda. The video shows one client cuddling a fluffy ‘pandarised’ Chow-Chow dog, while several other dyed dogs are seen running around and playing at the Cute Pet Games Cafe. It all started when six ‘panda’ dogs were brought in from other Chinese regions earlier this year. As soon as customers caught sight of the cute pups, they were an instant hit. Cafe owner Huang explained: ‘The dog dyes are imported from abroad and we have a dog-colouring professional who provides the service.’ While there’s no doubt the pets look absolutely adorable, some have raised concerns over the dogs’ well-being during the dying process as well as pointing out that dogs should simply be left the way they are, as they aren’t a canvas for people to paint. This is the view of PETA Asia press officer Keith Guo, who said there’s always risks with a ‘fashionable’ procedure lie this, and that it should just be for humans. Guo said dyeing hair may be fashionable, but only for humans who willingly have it done. There are always risks with using dyes on animals, to their fur, skin, nose and eyes. Animals should not be a tool for people to paint. As for whether the process could actually cause any sort of damage, a vet says it’s ‘hard to tell’ but wouldn’t recommend it. Local vet Li Daibing explained: ‘It is hard to tell whether it causes damage to the pet or not. In general, it is recommended that you do not dye your pet in such a way as it could cause damage to their fur and skin.
Image result for Animal Rights Groups Outraged By Dog Owners Dyeing Pets To Look Like Pandas 
Image result for Animal Rights Groups Outraged By Dog Owners Dyeing Pets To Look Like Pandas 
Image result for Animal Rights Groups Outraged By Dog Owners Dyeing Pets To Look Like Pandas 
Image result for Animal Rights Groups Outraged By Dog Owners Dyeing Pets To Look Like Pandas
Image result for Animal Rights Groups Outraged By Dog Owners Dyeing Pets To Look Like Pandas

I switched to 'natural' makeup for a week and here's how I got on.

Natural makeup is becoming increasingly popular in the beauty scene.

27 Weird But Interesting Facts About Words That You Probably Didn’t Know.

At The Book of Everyone, we enjoy finding weird curiosities and facts about the world. Recently, we've been looking for the weirdest words that you probably didn't know existed for our #wordnerd series on Facebook.

Simone Biles penalized for having skills other gymnasts can't pull off

Image result for Simone Biles penalized for having skills other gymnasts can't pull off
Simone Biles is the last person international gymnastics officials should be using to try and make a point.

Migrant in ICE custody dies after officials defy family wishes and end life support

Image result for migrate in ice custody removed from life support over family's objetivos
A man seeking asylum in the United States was pulled off life support while in the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement against the will of his relatives, family members say.

Arctic blast will be so cold, forecasters expect it to break 170 records across US

This week's cold snap is only an appetizer compared with the main Arctic blast that's coming next week, meteorologists said.  
That freeze could be one for the record books."The National Weather Service is forecasting 170 potential daily record cold high temperatures Monday to Wednesday,” tweeted Weather Channel meteorologist Jonathan Erdman. "A little taste of January in November." The temperature nosedive will be a three-day process as cold front charges across the central and eastern U.S. from Sunday into Tuesday. The front will plunge quickly through the northern Plains and upper Midwest Sunday, into the southern Plains and Ohio Valley Monday, then through most of the East Coast and Deep South by Tuesday, the Weather Channel said. One of the world's thickest mountain glaciers is melting because of global warming. High temperatures on Monday may be stuck in the teens and 20s in the Midwest and around the Great Lakes. It could be the coldest Veterans Day on record in cities such as Chicago and Minneapolis, according to the Weather Channel. By Tuesday, record cold is possible in the Northeast, Ohio Valley and portions of the South. Highs may get only into the 30s as far south as Alabama. The Florida Panhandle may shiver with lows in the 30s Wednesday and Thursday morning. Low temperatures may fall below freezing all the way to the Gulf Coast. The most intense cold will be in the northern Plains where temperatures may fall below zero, according to AccuWeather. Gusty winds will make it feel even colder across the region, and time spent outside will need to be limited. In addition to the cold, a storm system may develop over the central USA, AccuWeather said, bringing icy conditions to the central Plains near the dividing line of warm and cold air next week. Snow may be in the forecast for portions of the eastern and even southern USA as the storm is likely to track in that direction into the middle of the week.

Bolivia: Protesters cut off mayor’s hair, cover her in red paint and drag her through the streets

Image result for Bolivia: Protesters cut off mayor’s hair, cover her in red paint and drag her through the streets
Anti-government protesters have reportedly attacked a mayor from a small Bolivian town, covering her in red paint and cutting her hair.

Nigerian genius Wendy Okolo at NASA is first black woman to earn PhD in aerospace engineering.

Image result for Aerospace woman wendy okolo

Wendy Okolo initially felt like an imposter when she worked as a summer researcher from 2010 to 2012 at the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), a scientific research organization operated by the United States Air Force Materiel Command.

17-year-old Jesse Washington was roasted to death by a white mob and captured on camera for postcards.

Jesse Washington laying on ground.jpg
The murder of black boys George Armwood on October 18, 1933, and Emmett Till on August 28, 1955, by white mobs comprising men, women and children stunned well-meaning people black or white.

Lash Lice Are Becoming More Common In Eyelash Extensions, Doctors Warn

Eyelash Extensions 
Much like a fresh set of gel nails or an eyebrow threading, eyelash extensions have become a staple in many a modern woman’s beauty regimes.

Police Officers Handcuff Man For ‘Illegally Eating’ Sandwich

Police Officers Arrest Man For 'Illegally Eating' Sandwich 
An African American man found himself in handcuffs after police stopped him for ‘illegally eating’ a breakfast sandwich while waiting for a train. The incident, which took place at 8am on Monday last week, November 4, sparked controversy online after the footage surfaced on social media on Friday, November 8.

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