Cow feeds 4 puppies after their mother dies in accident.

This is an adorable moment when four puppies were seen drinking milk from the udder of a cow in Uttar Pradesh in India.
In the brief video, a cow can be seen sitting on the side of the road and relaxing as four puppies drink its milk. The puppies can be seen with their mouths attached to the udder as they suck the milk to satiate their hunger. A bystander who saw the unusual incident immediately took out his smartphone and captured it. It is being said that the mother of the puppies died in an accident soon after giving birth to the babies. It was then adopted by the cow who provides its milk to feed the puppies every day. The video was later shared on the social media that garnered a lot of views and reactions from people across the globe. A user Niranjan Sarkar said, “What a moving scene. I can understand the pain of the cute puppies.”Another user Sonali Bhadoria said, “Amazing motherly love, even animals have emotions.”In a similar incident earlier a monkey was seen being adopted by a dog after its mother died. The dog too was seen feeding the baby monkey from its udder. This has been commonly found where one breed of animal adopts another breed after one of their parents have died.