Woman's Shoes Get Stuck In Drain, So She Takes Drain Home With Her.

Tia shared her ordeal with followers on Twitter. Credit: Deadline News
Why people wear heels will always be a mystery they're uncomfortable, they're difficult to wear and generally quite dangerous pieces of kit. But one woman went a step further with her dedication to her leg-lengthening footwear when she refused to let her shoes go, even if it meant carrying home a drain cover after a night out. Wait... excuse me?. It's fair to say the 20-year-old was feeling a little worse for wear when she woke up covered in bruises, after a particularly late one. On closer inspection, however, she realised the bruises were the least of her worries and that her shoes both of them had become wedged in a metal grate. But rather than admit defeat by buying a new pair, she decided to carry them all the way home with her. Sharing her ordeal on Twitter, Tia-Rae told her followers that she simply 'didn't have the strength' to leave her heels behind. The determined fashionista uploaded a picture admitting that this might perhaps be a new low. It said: "I think it's fair to say I should never drink again."And the post clearly struck a chord with plenty of people, as it's received more than 26,000 likes since it went up, with lots saying how much they relate to her situation. Tia then went on to explain exactly how her night had unfolded. The 20-year-old said she was crying after realising her heels had become stuck in the grid. She wrote: "So basically I jumped out of the cab to walk inside my house and then I felt like one of my feet were stuck but didn't know what on, so I stood straight like the t**t I am."The next thing I know both feet are stuck, so I move one foot then the whole thing just comes off."But I couldn't leave my shoes outside and I really was in stitches so I couldn't even find the strength to deal with it at this time so I had to just bring it inside for my mum to deal with."The gravity of the situation slowly set in and Tia later posted another photo, with the caption: "Nah, I dunno if I'm mad drunk or this is actually real but I'm crying."
More than 26,000 people have liked her traumatic post. Credit: Deadline News
But she wasn't alone and her followers were quick to reassure Tia that they completely understood what she was going through. One person wrote: "I have PTSD thinking about all of the gorgeous heels I ruined when I was drunk," while another joked with a friend: Surprised we haven't pulled this stunt."Another added: "Girl I know your pain never getting drunk again."Tagging their friend, another said: 'I'm waiting for the day you do something like this & honestly it will make my life complete."Whatever your opinion of heels, her commitment to the cause is admirable.