Mum Shocked By 'Weird' And 'Stupid' Detailed Genitals On Lion Toy.

For some reason the toy manufacturers felt the lion should have a cock and bollocks. Credit: Caters

A mum has called for a store to pull a lion toy because of its clearly-depicted genitalia. The lion toy in question was found by Tanya Husnu's three-year-old daughter Aylah in a Kmart in Melbourne, Australia.
The 33-year-old said she bought the toy for her four-year-old son Hakan, who then showed it off to Aylah and his twin brother Osman. Upon discovering the lion's bits, the children all enjoyed a good chuckle, but Tanya wasn't laughing after inspecting the lion and finding its nether regions were a far cry from the Barbie and Ken style smooth area. The mother-of-five, from Melton, said it was unacceptable. She said: "We were planning a trip to the zoo and I thought it would be really great if the kids could take some animal toys with them on the day."We went into Kmart and my three youngest picked out their own toys. They were all really happy with them."Then one of the twins turned the lion around, and my daughter yelled out, 'Look, Mum, the lion's got a willy,' and they all started laughing."I thought it was really inappropriate. In this day and age, it's not acceptable to have things like that on children's toys."I buy a lot of toys, and my house is full of toys. But I've never seen anything like this before. It's so stupid and just plain weird." Tanya does seem to have a point. As the pictures show, Osman and Aylah's choices of a hippo and an elephant come without a cock and bollocks. Perhaps more interesting still is the fact the lion toy doesn't have an anus surely it's a cock, bollocks and anus or nothing at all?. As the dick dust settled, Tanya accepted that it was obviously funny though at the zoo the knob and balls caused her more embarrassment than her children, who seem to have had an absolute blast. She said: "I was really shocked. I mean it's funny as well and you can't help but laugh, but it's still just not appropriate for a child's toy that is on full display in the kids' section."My kids thought it was hilarious though. At the zoo, they kept lifting up the tail and showing strangers the lion's bits as they walked past and yelling out, 'Willy!'."It was so embarrassing."Tanya has encouraged Kmart to pull the toy, arguing that it should be up to parents to decide when their children learn about genitals... though presumably, this happens whenever they first decide to look downwards.